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Scholarships & Fees

In addition to the full and partial scholarship opportunities included in the ÖSYS Higher Education Programs and Quotas Guide, students who will be placed in our university in the 2022-2023 academic year are provided with scholarship opportunities in different scopes. Major scholarships;


Preferred Scholarship:

Students who make their paid undergraduate or associate degree programs (excluding partial scholarship programs) among their first three choices according to the results of the YKS exams and are placed in one of these first three preferences are given a 20% discount on the tuition fee during the normal education period.


Sports, Culture and Art Achievement Scholarship:

With the decision of the scholarship commission, those who are accepted to university teams, artistic and cultural activity groups that will participate in inter-university competitions and in domestic and international special tournaments and organizations that the University plans to participate in, and who also perform the same kind of activities individually, If there is an age limit set in the related activities, it is recognized to the students who have not exceeded these limits.


Academic Merit Scholarship:

Academic success scholarship is a scholarship given for one academic year according to the success of the students in the program they follow during the education period at the university. Scholarships between 10% and 100% are provided to students.


Double Major / Minor Scholarship:

If our university students meet the admission requirements for double major and minor programs within the quota, 50% of the normal tuition fee of the undergraduate program they will be enrolled in is given a scholarship.


Horizontal Transfer Scholarship:

Students who enroll in associate degree or undergraduate programs of our university with inter-institutional transfer are given a 50% discount on their tuition fees.


Martyr and Veteran Scholarship:

With the conformity decision of the Scholarship Commission, a 25% discount is made over the education fee to be paid to the children of soldiers and policemen who were martyred as a result of terrorism, and to the children of other public members who lost their lives as a result of terrorism, provided that they document their situation. Children of soldiers and police officers who became veterans as a result of terrorism are given a 15% discount on the education fee, provided that they document their status.


Sibling Scholarships:

Each sibling or spouse studying at our university is given an additional 10% discount on the tuition fee. Sibling discount is valid as long as students study together.


A student can only benefit from one scholarship. Those who have the right to benefit from more than one scholarship are allocated the most advantageous scholarship. For the conditions of benefiting from the above scholarships and other scholarship opportunities, see the Istanbul Esenyurt University Scholarship Directive.